The Company. Our core Values. Our Beliefs.

About Us

Imperium Utility Services is a family-owned business, operated by a small group of professionals who have dedicated their careers to the electric utility industry. Our priority is to support our industry with safe, productive crews and experienced oversight support with a continual focus on safety, quality and productivity. From the journeymen operating bucket trucks to the back office support staff, we strive to know our clients and their systems, protocols and procedures to ensure that we are fully embedded as a trusted team member within your work force. As a company, our leadership makes every decision based on integrity and respect for our clients as well as for our employees. We believe in taking care of our people, anticipating the needs of our clients, and following through on our promises.


Our mission is to be a best-in-class powerline services company driven by safety, guided by integrity, empowering our employees to take initiative toward our goals and partnering with clients to serve the end-customer and build long-term mutual success.


  • Safety – We believe “zero incidents” is possible.
  • Teamwork – We build trust and support as we work toward common goals.
  • Quality – We provide exceptional powerline services, safely and to client standards and specifications.
  • Accountability – We hold ourselves and one another accountable for performance and outcomes, regardless of circumstance.
  • Integrity – We conduct ourselves in an honest and ethical manner at all times.
  • Loyalty – We empower our employees to take initiative and encourage loyalty by delivering on our commitments.
  • Service – We support our communities by sharing our resources and volunteering to help those in need.
  • Balance – We believe dedication and engagement in the workplace must be balanced with care of our families and home lives for long-term success.

Code of Safety

  1. Working safely is a condition of employment.
  2. We must have open, honest, and effective safety communication.
  3. Doing a job safely is always more important than meeting a deadline.
  4. Supervisors are safety role models.
  5. Every incident can be prevented.
  6. All team members are responsible for their own safety and health and for promoting the safety of their fellow team members.

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