Safety. It’s What We Do.

Our Commitment to Safety

Imperium Utility Services is committed to continuous improvement in environmental, health and safety (EH&S) practices for the benefit of its members, clients, and communities. We do believe that an incident and injury free workplace is possible and “Zero Incidents” is achievable.

The vision for our Company is that every team member we hire has a “zero incidents is possible” mindset. If they do not have that mindset, we will train and educate each and every one to build a safety culture that holds that belief. It is our duty as a Company.

Code of Safety

  1. Working safely is a condition of employment.
  2. We must have open, honest, and effective safety communication.
  3. Doing a job safely is always more important than meeting a deadline.
  4. Supervisors are safety role models.
  5. Every incident can be prevented.
  6. All team members are responsible for their own safety and health and for promoting the safety of their fellow team members.

Stop Work Authority

Every Imperium Utility Services team member has the right to a safe workplace. Each employee has the responsibility and obligation to stop work when a perceived unsafe condition or behavior may result in an unwanted event. We may do so without fear of retaliation by management or coworkers. Each team member is entitled to have the safety concern addressed prior to continuing work.