Environmental, Health and Safety.

EH&S Policy

It is our policy to provide and maintain safe and healthful working conditions and safe work procedures that result in an improved safety and health environment for our members and clients. All EH&S decisions by Company leadership is based on integrity and respect for our team members and clients.

Safety is a value at Imperium Utility Services. It is intertwined in everything we do and it does not change due to circumstance. Whether we are providing clients with safety & quality oversight, powerline crews, or emergency storm response, we value the safety of our team members, clients and the public.

We hold every executive, manager, supervisor and foreman accountable for exercising their professional management skills in every way possible to eliminate hazards and to prevent injury to our members and to the public. Every management position, from executives to foremen in the field, are expected to be safety role models.

We hold every member accountable for following our safe work procedures, regulatory standards and client requirements. We believe that no job will be considered so urgent – no schedule so rigid – that time cannot be taken to perform the job in a safe manner.

Safety is a condition of employment and is an integral part of every activity within the Company. All members are expected to “speak up” and voice their concerns regarding unsafe conditions. We are all held accountable to look out for each other.
At Imperium Utility Services we strive to be the best. The only way we can achieve that is to have an executive management team that leads the safety effort, and to have a committed workforce that truly believes that all incidents and injuries are preventable.


We are committed to follow all state and federal environmental regulations, as well as all regulations and requirements of our clients. We expect all team members to be good stewards when dealing with contaminants and any other environmental hazard.

Our mission is to improve the environmental quality of the communities that we work and live in. We will partner with our clients, business and community leaders, and our neighbors, to work together to create a safe a clean place to live and work in for future generations.